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Mahindra Finance

Applying for Finance

What is required:

  • Valid personal information: ID or passport number, proof of residential and postal address not older than 3 months
  • Marital status: Spouse details (if applicable), valid ID or passport number, residential address and postal address
  • Employment details, including name of company, duration of employment, company address and company contact details
  • Contact information: Contact information for a relative/friend who has a different residential address to yours
  • Banking details: Account number
  • Insurance details (if applicable)
  • Car details: Details of the vehicle you wish to purchase, as well as the dealer you will be purchasing from. The dealer information is not compulsory but will be required before a final decision can be made on your application.

Finance Calculator

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Interest Rate

Payment Term

Balloon %

Your Estimated Terms*

*Excludes finance initiation and admin fees.
Based on:
Purchase Price:
Interest: %
Term: months
Deposit: R
Balloon: R
Total Repayments: R
Total finance costs: R

Our Finance Partners

Mahindra, in close association with Wesbank Vehicle & Asset Finance, provides you with an opportunity to apply for finance online through Mahindra Finance. Just click in the link below and you’ll be one step closer to driving your Mahindra.

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25 Great North Road,
Brentwood Park,
Benoni 1501,
South Africa.


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