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Unleash the Power of N
With the All-New
Scorpion N.

Built To Conquer Any Terrain.

The All-New Scorpio N makes every drive an experience with its
unmissable design, thrilling performance, advanced technology
intuitive features, superior comfort & safety.

The Power of N

  • Unmissable Design

    Aspiration meets attitude. Sophistication meets performance. Urban meets rugged. The Scorpio N is all of these things and MORE. Designed with a larger-than-life persona and an authentic new look, the Scorpio N’s unmissable presence will ensure that all eyes are on YOU.

  • Sophisticated Technology & Comfort

    The mighty Scorpio N puts the power in your fingertips with intelligent technology and human-machine interface. Embellished with luxurious interiors and customisable convenience to give you an immersive experience like no other.

  • Thrilling Performance

    Get ready for a superior driving experience. The Scorpio N is built to dominate with its excellent driveability and high-performance engine you can conquer every terrain with the Power of N’s class refinement.

  • Capability for Everyone

    Every feature on the all-new Scorpio N is designed to provide an unparalleled driving experience that sets a new standard for performance. With its advanced engineering, even the most inexperienced driver can confidently tackle any terrain with ease.

  • Intuitive Safety

    Ready and able to take on anything, the All-New Scorpio N is engineered with the highest of safety standards in mind. You can be rest-assured that you are NEVER not safe no matter the adventure.

Intelligent Inside.

  • 01

    Intuitive Infotainment Screen

    With a 20.3 cm infotainment screen, the Scorpio N is equipped with GPS navigation, Bluetooth, USB, Apple CarPlay & Android Auto. With The Power of N connectivity and entertainment, are at your fingertips.

  • 02

    Feel Every Beat With Sony

    Experience 3D sound from 12 Sony speakers placed strategically, for unmatched background score for every drive.

  • 01

    Reign Every Terrain With 4XPLOR

    4XPLOR terrain mode (Normal, Snow, Mud, or Sand) intelligently tailors traction for different terrains along with the most advanced Shift On Fly 4 Wheel Drive.

  • 02

    Stay Alert With Driver Drowsiness Detection

    Keeps you awake for every adventure, the AdrenoX powered Scorpio-N detects your drowsiness and sends you a vibration alert on your steering.

  • 01

    Drive Modes For Your Moods - Zip Zap Zoom

    Zip for smooth riding especially through traffic. Zap for true Mahindra SUV performance. Zoom to amp it up for a more engaging & exhilarating ride-quality.

  • 02

    Smooth Route Ahead

    Navigate your way to petrol stations, cash points, restaurants and the next adventure with confidence. The Power of N takes you places.